Democratizing the creator economy

A full-service influencer marketing agency specializing in influencer management, branded campaigns, NIL EDUCATION AND CONSULTING, and event and media production

Gen Agency Creators

Managing creators and executing brand campaigns for 152 Million followers

Branded campaigns

full-service brand team that handles branded campaigns (ideation, recruiting, deliverable collection, posting, and post-mortem analytics) and delivers a report based on KPIs.

SPorts & NIL Edu

GEN Agency’s NIL Education and Consulting program. We offer custom programs to Athletic Departments, Agencies, and collectives, to help create marketable athlete deliverables that allow athlete’s to monetize their NIL in their local community

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Events & media production

Producing branded IRL houses, games, pop-ups, and podcasts

Working With Us

Partnering with 130+ brands and creators in the digital space