GEN Agency is an influencer marketing agency specializing in influencer and brand campaigns, event and media production, and NIL education and consulting. Our goal is to democratize the creator economy by protecting our creators, providing on-time payments, opportunities for networking and growth, and industry education.

We are a multi-channel network with more than 66Million+ growing followers across our social media platforms. See the Talent Rosters below for the full list and their industry and analytics. Utilize the filters for easy navigation!

We are a creator-focused agency, always looking for new opportunities and creator tools for our influencers! We make sure our creators get paid within 7 days of posting, with no extra lift on your end, making sure our creators can keep creating! We also offer things like creator credit cards, invites to special events, press opportunities, and more.


Rachel Maeng Brown
Founder & CEO

Rachel Maeng Brown is the CEO and Founder of GEN Agency. Awarded “NYC 20 in their 20s” in Entrepreneurship and Sports (Crain 2021), Rachel is a former Big Ten student-athlete, model, Official TikTok Partner, and front-office sports staff member. She has partnered with brands like Macy’s, Turbo Tax, Morgan & Morgan, and Meta, and worked in the front offices of The NY Mets, Rutgers Football, Main Events (previously with HBO Boxing), PGA Tour, and USRowing (Team USA).

Rachel partners influencers and athletes, with a reach of over 66 Million+ followers, through the negotiation of brand deals, producing viral events & experiences, and educating student-athletes and athletic departments. She also consults businesses and start-ups in social media, partnerships, and strategy.